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Here at Match, we don’t stop once you’ve recruited through us; we make sure we go that extra mile. We ensure that you are continually happy with the placed candidate and we ensure that you will be satisfied with the service you received.

Client Health Checks

We are committed to making sure our clients are happy 100% all of the time. This is why we introduced the concept of health checks.

  • As part of the Platinum Service we offer a free monthly health check to make sure everything is as it should be. The clients who use this service find it to be invaluable, as problems which may not always be apparent are discussed at these sessions and are dealt with quickly.
  • If you have a Match IT contractor working for you, then register now and start receiving your free monthly health check.

24×7 Support

We recognise that no two requirements are the same and depending on whether the contractor is in an operational or project role, we want to make sure the right support is offered.

Our platinum service comes with:

  • 24/7, 365 days phone response
  • A minimum one hour response for all technical queries
  • Queries on existing contractors are managed within one working day
  • We also guarantee that we will have a list of suitable candidates for a new role within 10 days

Contractor Appraisals

  • We also speak to all our contractors at least once a month and conduct a formalised one-to-one discussion.