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Internal Recruiters v External Recruiters… the Jury is back!

Posted by | January 15, 2014 | Recruitment Industry

IT vendors and systems integrators are employing in-house Recruiters in an attempt to reduce the cost of recruitment agency fees… but it seems they are not succeeding! Corporations are wasting millions, in every currency, forking out unnecessary salaries and related fees only to be forced to look outside when it comes to finding the perfect Candidates!

Recruiters sitting closeted in HR departments on generous salaries are simply not motivated to pursue the best Candidates, preferring to advertise on Websites and Job Boards. Essentially they are reactive… there is no competition either! External Recruiters have in depth knowledge of the competitive landscape and understand the complexities of 360 degree recruitment. These Consultants know they have to locate and engage with the very best talent to safeguard their reputation, retain their jobs and earn an honest living… SJK

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