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Our goal at MATCH IT is to make your experience as a contractor a rewarding one.

We have a team dedicated to Engagement, you will be contacted regularly for a check on how things are going, whether the role is shaping up as you expected it to, any feedback from the client, whether the contract is likely to extend, rate reviews and to discuss anything else relevant to your position.

We hold regular social events, we feel the team spirit associated with permanent placements is something that can be lost as a contractor.  We try and leverage the unique position we are in to support our clients, our network and most importantly you.

MATCH refer

Recruitment has changed with the advances in Social Networking, we utilize this technology to establish the best roles for our candidates and the best candidates for our clients.  You can become part of this.  You can help in two ways.

Firstly, by recommending a colleague or friend to Match IT that we subsequently place, secondly by finding a role within an area that we subsequently fill. Clearly, if you find both you will be rewarded for both.

For more information visit our referrer page.

MATCH rookie

If you are new to contracting then it can seem a little daunting, there are loads of unfamiliar terms, concerns over invoicing, tax returns, IR35 and professional indemnity.  Here at MATCH IT almost all the staff have at some point in the past contracted and we leverage this experience to help.   This allows you to focus on your work and family life while we with the help of our partners provide advice and guidance in order to give you a smooth transition into contracting.