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Wishing everyone associated with MATCH IT a prosperous New Year!

Mobile App to launch this week.

Posted by | August 18, 2014 | The Team

Our Mobile App which gives our clients immediate access to candidates as they are found and associated to their roles will launch later this week.

Nadia joins the team

Posted by | July 1, 2014 | Uncategorized

The team welcome Nadia as a resourcing specialist.  Nadia is based in Newbury and will be focusing on Role Fulfilment and Account Management.

We filled in one day last week, what previously we forecast to do in two months. Was it just a spike? Here’s hoping for us and our contractors it’s NOT!

It’s fascinating to see by the number of dynamic start-ups where the founders and key players have already worked together in their formative years. In almost every case these industry “Superstars” had been mentored within the same technology vendors. This realisation leaves speculators, investors and recruitment firms such as ours a warm and fuzzy feeling, confident in the secure and certain knowledge that these much loved and followed tech industry “Gurus” will bring their “new babies” to IPO, merger or acquisition and then move on to the next…

Mobile Malware Infections go Viral…

Posted by | February 20, 2014 | Security

98% of mobile viruses are aimed at Android devices. If you are using Android you will either prepare for, or recover from, a virus sometime in 2014. Apple devices are still safer but not immune. Apple aficionados need to raise the awareness level more than just another notch in order to be informed and protected for the new era of cyber-risk…  Source: Brad Delfin, Total Digital Security Corp.

IT vendors and systems integrators are employing in-house Recruiters in an attempt to reduce the cost of recruitment agency fees… but it seems they are not succeeding! Corporations are wasting millions, in every currency, forking out unnecessary salaries and related fees only to be forced to look outside when it comes to finding the perfect Candidates!

Recruiters sitting closeted in HR departments on generous salaries are simply not motivated to pursue the best Candidates, preferring to advertise on Websites and Job Boards. Essentially they are reactive… there is no competition either! External Recruiters have in depth knowledge of the competitive landscape and understand the complexities of 360 degree recruitment. These Consultants know they have to locate and engage with the very best talent to safeguard their reputation, retain their jobs and earn an honest living… SJK

News for the “Light Weights!”  A new mobile app for iPhone users has been created by a New York employment firm to do it for you… The “Quit Your Job” App asks users a number of questions to find out why they are leaving and uses the information to form a text message, which is then sent their Boss.

After the final blow is dealt, it then takes you onto the search firm’s own job search app, in case you have been a little hasty and quit before you found a job somewhere else…

TUPE or not TUPE?

Posted by | January 12, 2014 | Uncategorized

2014 brings big changes for HR professionals. The proposal to abolish the service provision change involving TUPE has been abandoned after those who contributed in the consultation expressed concern that its removal would create too much uncertainty over the application of TUPE on service changeovers.

Ransomware is the evolution of extortion. It is the hijacking of your digital life. The successor to last year’s enormously successful CryptoLocker virus is being developed as we speak and it will wreak havoc on millions of unsuspecting email users in 2014. If there is one word to know in cyber-risk for 2104, it is Ransomware… Source: Brad Delfin, Total Digital Security Corp.