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MATCH refer

Recruitment has changed with the advances in Technology, Social Networking and Mobility.  We are utilising this technology in order to build what we believe to be the strongest network of candidates available.

You can become part of this.  You can help in two ways.

Firstly, by recommending a colleague or friend to Match IT that we subsequently place, secondly by finding a role within an area that we subsequently fill.

Clearly, if you find both, you will be rewarded for both.

The scheme allows referrers to take a share of our profits and also benefit if the people you refer then go onto become referrers.

Up to 20% of our margin is shared between the referrers.

Here is a simple example.  If we make £20 on a candidate per day.  The referrer gets 12% of this ( e.g. £2.40 a day ). If the referred resource works 120 days over a 6 month period.  The referrer would receive £288.